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6 vs 8 video

Perhaps you’ve seen this video comparing the Lincoln MKS to some hefty Euro competitors. This video was referred to me as having a ‘surprise’ ending. To save you the trouble of reading and watching the video, my conclusion is that the video is one of the sorriest advertisements I’ve ever seen in my life.

The video is presented with a known racing driver driving the MKS, a Mercedes E550 (erroneously referred to in the video as an ES-550 – you guys can’t even get this right?!?!?) a BMW 550i, and a Jaguar XF to see if the MKS can “beat” the European luxury rides. Prominent editors from Motor Trend and Automobile magazine are, I guess, supposed to give credibility to this ‘test’.

Skipping to the end, the results are:

5th place – Maserati Quattroporte
4th place – Jaguar XF
3rd place – Mercedes ES(sic)550
2nd place – Lincoln MKS
1st place – BMW 550i and, I quote, “by 8/10th of a MPH”.

Where to begin?

Just for the record, this is not to specifically bash Lincoln and claim that they cannot make a world-class product. Ford’s strides over the past several years have impressed me the most of any manufacturer. Even though I was not impressed with the MKS in my review, that was of a first year model with a weak engine review. I’ve actually been impressed with other recent Ford models (Mustang review and Flex review specifically) and enjoyed my time in a Lincoln LS review.

First of all, it is never once mentioned what the criteria was for ranking the cars. How does the BMW 550i win anything by 8/10th of a MPH? The ranking wasn’t based on top speed – it is said later the Lincoln achieved the highest top speed on the course of 109 MPH. OF COURSE it did. Running a twin turbo motor against normally aspirated ones way up in heaven at 12k ft will give a decided advantage to the turbo motor, while at the same time be a tremendous disadvantage to a motor like what is in the Quattroporte – one that lives to rev up high.

So what was it based on? Who knows.

I’m not even going to get into all the reasons why someone would (and should) pick a 550i review or Quattroporte over the Lincoln. Those cars have high prices for a reason. And when you’ve been in them for some highly spirited driving like I have, you just can’t help but raise your eyebrow after watching this video.

This has got to be one of the most retarded, thinly disguised advertisements I’ve ever seen. And for Motor Trend and Automobile to lend their names to this test – well it just seems to me like they’re interested in sucking up for Ford for continued advertising dollars. They should be ashamed of themselves. At the end they’re congratulating the Ford engineer for the MKS’ showing in this ‘test’. Please. As supposed professional automotive ‘journalists’, they of all people should know better than to sell their journalistic soul and their integrity to a sham like this.

Notice how many times the film is cut and changed at the end when the Lincoln’s second place finish is being discussed. I’d love to hear what words and bits of conversation where swept into the dustbin on the cutting room floor.

Here’s a better idea. Run all of these bad boys at the Nurburgring. A REAL track at a normal altitude. Let’s see who finishes where then. Oh, and throw the CTS-V and Audi S6 in there just for fun too since you want to compare all high-end models.

Ford, you’re making some nice cars now. You’re making all the right moves and improving rapidly. This was completely unnecessary and insulting.

Do better.


Boz said...

I'm going to go out as soon as possible and find the same MKS and drive it. I'm inclined to agree with Chris, but hey, I also want to have an informed opinion.

I ask any reader: if I walk into a Maserati dealer, drive a QP, plan to buy it, and then say, "Actually, I really want to look at a Lincoln MKS too," what would you think of me?

Or conversely: "I really like the MKS, but I want to compare it with a Maserati QP." A dealer cannot POSSIBLY be expecting to hear this.

Chris said...

I think they dubbed the same engine noises in for all the cars too. The Maser sure didn't sound like this in the vid

Anonymous said...

You're right. Let's not nitpick. Let's get say a Ford GT 40 and WHATEVER else you want and run them. You can make up excuses after, just like Ferrari did. There's a lot of D-bag on here.

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