What is the best selling car in America?

When people are asked “What is the best selling car in America?” they’ll most likely answer either the Camry or Accord. But the answer might actually surprise you. It’s American made, and NOT the F150. If you’re the type who likes inane dinner trivia, click through for the answer:

Believe it or not, outselling both the Camry and Accord is the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. Sporting impressive specs like 0-60 in never, this plastic standard issue kiddie car managed to sell 457,000 last model year. In fact, during its 30 year production stretch it has garnered no less than 10 million sales.

Head room is ample for those less than three feet tall. Power is put straight to the ground (literally) as quick as your legs can move you. Ingress is easy with the wide opening single side door. Skidpad grip is non-existent, but on the plus side the only refueling and maintenance that it’ll ever need is the maintenance that you provide your toddler.

At least it won’t break your wallet, and that’s a good thing because if this economy keeps up the way it’s going this is what we’ll all be driving around. MSRP is $49.99 for the standard issue yellow and red two tone paint job. It only comes fully loaded – no options available. Invoice price is unknown, but usually these transactions are handled as in a Saturn dealer – no negotiation. You won’t need to fret about trade-in price either because trade-ins are not accepted. A quick scan of the Toys R Us website shows several models are available. If you’re a girl you might prefer the pink and blue color scheme for the same $49.99. Or just to be different, you can get the Cozy Coupe II in its signature yellow and red, but sporting a blue top.

But for those who have cash to flash, you might consider kicking in another 20% and upgrading to the patrol car or fire truck for $59.99. If you want your toddler to cruise top down and have a whopping $69.99 available on your credit card, you can get the ultimate Cozy Coupe in droptop form. While I haven’t formally reviewed one, I would imagine that structural integrity is reduced with the missing pillars and roof.

In any event, there you have it – the best selling car in America.

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Boz said...

With a 30-year build history, I imagine the Cozy Coupe has the engineering integrity of the Porsche 911. Little Tykes has found a sure formula for construction - a toddler's boundless energy. Car manufacturers around the world can surely find a lesson or two in the humble coupe.

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