Ferrari F450 test mule video

I’ve always wanted a Ferrari. ALWAYS. The couple of times I’ve been able to experience one firsthand (see this section) I’ve walked away more than impressed, especially with the F355.

Now that sounds like common sense, and it is, but it seems that nothing since the 360 Challenge Stradale has really spun my propeller. While I certainly still respect all that they are and what they can do, I just never lusted after one like I did before. They seemed to be missing a certain rawness that made previous experiences so memorable. In fact, I levied the same charge against the E92 M3. Also the designs while ‘cool’, to me don’t seem like they’ll have the same staying power of the more classic designs. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe the charm is wearing off. I don’t know.

It really started changing after experiencing the Aston Martin DB9 with Boz (review). It was reinforced when I got some up-close time with a DBS (no road test unfortunately). That car seemed to ooze class, sophistication, and exoticness. Like Boz says in his review, it truly is a car that can fulfill 95% of your expectations of fun and cruising – an incredible achievement for any car.

But then I saw this:


And it made me remember – just by watching the video – what makes Italian artwork so special. The sound is amazing, especially when being driven with purpose. Still not as good as the F355, but then again what is? The crispness of the shifts (I’d love to see the official time – it’s barely detectable). The way the weight shifts front to back when accelerating in anger and then hitting the brakes.

I’m in love all over again. Sorry I turned astray Ferrari. Yes, it seems they still have the magic. If a video could get me excited for them again, what must it be like to drive it? Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it’s not all diluted with electronic trickery. We’ll have to wait to find out.

If only they could translate that magic to the F1 team this year…….

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