Trapster app for iPhone and Blackberry phones helps you avoid tickets

All you lead-footed maniacs will want to check this app out.

Trapster is by far one of the coolest apps I’ve seen in a long time. What it does is use the GPS chip in your phone to track you, and Trapster users report common speed traps, traffic cameras, etc and can even issue live alerts when a speed trap is hot.

What makes it work well is that real people report the traps and other motorists can grade the accuracy of the trap. There’s no need to mention the obvious bonuses of knowing about the live traps. But, for it to be accurate and complete depends on the community at large. I’ve been running it for over a month on a Blackberry Storm and am totally impressed. Best of all the price is right – it’s FREE.

So if you have an iPhone or Blackberry and are reading this article, stop immediately and get this app at the above link. The more people actively using it, the better it will be for all of us.

Drive harder.


Chris said...


I took this app on for a long road trip. It was running for 10 hours on my Storm and works just as advertised. It alerted me to potential hiding spots, a speed camera, and a red light camera. There were a couple of 'live' traps that I stumbled upon, and I was able to set the alerts to broadcast to anyone else for the next hour. Also, with the bluetooth alert set, it would warn me through my headset rather than the phone speaker so as not to disturb my family in the car every time a warning came on.

One word of advice though - bring a car power cord. It WILL eat your battery through.

While, of course, it won't show every potential trap, it's another indispensable tool for the road warrior. In my experience, this, coupled with my Passport X50 detector, helped me make a banzai run from Michigan to North Carolina. I can't emphasize enough how cool this app is.

Again, VERY highly recommended.

Chris said...

After a 2000 mile round trip, my enthusiasm for this program has not diminished in the least. It does what it is supposed to do and I still say it is an invaluable tool.

I finally did discover a bug though. At one point the GPS seemed to stop tracking me. After rebooting my Blackberry Storm, it seemed to work again. Not sure if it was the phone or the program (I was deep in the mountains at the time it acted up), but it did give me pause for a minute.

Otherwise, a flawless performance and I still stand behind my recommendation.

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