Acura shows prototype of their ZDX thing

BMW as often been described as the best drivers car, and the standard to reach for as far as driving feel. Not many years ago, that was true. Lately though, they’ve been coming out with horrible designs, and often times they don’t even drive particularly well (see BMW section of this site). A few weeks ago, I reported on the Gran Turismo that they were looking to bring out, and I rightly bashed it. (Yes, BMW, not Maserati). Well, Acura has decided to copy BMW and has showed off a prototype of their own melted turd.

Witness the ZDX.

Open letter to automotive companies: Even BMW makes mistakes. Sometimes bad ones. And just because they’re bringing out something stupid doesn’t mean you need to rush out and copy it.

So with this, and the current TL, Acura is on my watch list. Let’s hope they don’t continue bringing out weird designs. That won’t help anyone sell anything during a recession.

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