Saleen's warranty voided

Uh oh. Looks like if you’re a Saleen owner and your car is still under warranty – anything not explicitly covered by FoMoCo’s warranty is no longer covered by anything. As you may know, Saleen was bought out by MJ Acquisitions. Note this line item from their press release from February 3 of this year:

“While this announcement may provide more questions than answers for some, Saleen owners should be assured that key warranty and sales staff are still at the company to serve dealers and owners, with more hirebacks likely coming in the days ahead.”

Fast forward to mid-March. Today is was announced if you purchased your Saleen vehicle before 2/2/09, the Saleen warranty is now worth as much your Bear Stearn stock certificates, and good only for wiping your backside when you crap your pants from the realization that if your $60k supercharged monster goes *blammo* then you’ll be the one eating the repair costs.

Now, I don’t need to reiterate why this is so sad and so wrong on so many levels. As a courtesy though, MJ will provide parts at a discount to dealers so they can continue servicing the cars and soften the blow to the owners. Well gee thanks guys!! Mighty nice to cancel the warranty and then offer to sell the parts to the unfortunate owners. The ones who will especially get stung are the north/Midwest owners waiting for spring to kick into high gear before bringing their steeds back out to play.

On the plus side, if you’ve ever lusted after a Saleen (after reading this review though you might change your mind) I bet they can be had for quite cheap starting tomorrow.

SIDE NOTE: A big thank you to Paul at 2NRCARZ for his contribution to this article. Check out his site for some sweet customization options for the last gen and current gen Mustangs to get your ride ready for spring.

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