Lamborghni Murcielago LP670-4 SV announced

The SV moniker is back on a Lamborghini folks. At the Geneva auto show, Lamborghini showed off its LP 670-4 SV – for SuperVeloce. They’ve made this one lighter and more powerful, with the V-12 motor cranking out an astounding 670hp. The only bad thing I can see about this beast is the Pep Boys looking spoiler hanging off the back. Lightweight materials abound, and the engine is showcased under a clear hood. It’s also a rolling technological tour de force. The -4 in the name means full time all wheel drive. Of course there are carbon ceramic brakes at all corners. Nicely, and in true sporting fashion, while Lambo’s E-gear shifting is the standard transmission, a true 6 speed manual is available as well. Lamborghini predicts a top speed of 212 MPH.

Aside from all that, this looks like a fantastically socially irresponsible lesson in wretched excess. I love it.


Boz said...

Conspicuous consumption is the inevitable trademark of exotic cars - perhaps why the Zonda is so wildly popular in Europe. I'm not quick to label the rear wing a Pep Boys product as I imagine Lambo wouldn't put something like that back there unless it was needed (think Koenigsegg). Of course, since I have a hobby of making Lamborghini dealers squirm in their seats every time I talk to them, I may stuff that remark in my back pocket for just such an appropriate occassion.

Marc said...

This car looks just as good as the Reventon.

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