V6 power for 2010 Acura TSX

Like the new TSX but aren’t bowled over by the 4 banger power like I was (review)? Well now you have something to look forward to. Acura has announced for 2010 that they will offer a 280 V6 engine as an option. FINALLY Acura is putting an engine in this car that it really deserves. I would’ve guess the RDX motor, but hey – this works too.

However, it stops 2 steps short of being a full blooded enthusiast machine – the only transmission offered will be the sequential shifting automatic. Also, there will not be a SH-AWD model offered, no doubt to keep from competing too much with the TL Type S.

In any event, I very much look forward to retesting this once the V6 debuts. Stay tuned.

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