Ford announces new Taurus SHO

Ford announced the anticipated release of its new Taurus SHO at the Chicago Auto Show today. The first two generations of this car were game-changers in the sport sedan category, and Ford looks to revive that reputation with this model. As with previous SHO’s, the thing that sets the SHO apart is the drivetrain. With this model, Ford has put in a boosted 6 good for 365hp driving all four wheels. The cockpit is attractive, and looks high-tech while at the same time classy. Naturally too the suspension has been beefed up to handle the additional power.

As always, there are a couple of nitpicks. First up – no manual transmission is available. Paddle shifters yes, but no true manual. Secondly, while this is supposed to be a performance oriented machine, why is there no redline on the tach? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Hopefully that second one will change with the production models.

The 2nd gen SHO was always one of my favorite cars from Ford and I really hope this one carries the SHO badge with honor. I find it kind of funny that this car will put out 50 more hp than the Mustang GT. In fact why not give this V6 to the Mustang too and bring out a 425hp V8 for the GT?

Pricing is estimated to start at $38k, which is high but not out of the realm of other large performance sedans, such as Chrysler’s SRT line. Can’t wait to give this one a flogging……

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