Aston Martin to debut DBS Volante

As readers of this site know, I am quite fond of Aston Martin’s current range. Not leaving well enough alone, AM will debut the beautiful DBS Volante at the Geneva auto show. Looking as good as ever, the V-12 under the hood will crank out 510hp and 420 lb/ft of torque, making the Volante dispatch the 0-60 run in 4.2 seconds. Keep your foot all the way in it and the Volante is expected to reach terminal velocity at 191 MPH. Putting the electric top down requires only 14 seconds. As if driving a DBS already won’t let you travel subtly in the first place, you can even drop the top while moving at speeds up to 30MPH for the ultimate in shameless indulgence.

In the press release, Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of AM, says that the DBS Volante will provide a “unparalleled ownership and driving experience”. Undoubtedly. (See this enthusiastic review of the standard DB9 before they decided to make it even better)

Get your checkbooks ready. Prices will be announced at the Geneva show, and customer deliveries will commence in the third quarter of 2009. Rock on………

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Boz said...

Anything cut from the cloth of Aston Martin design is a welcome addition to any roadway. Though it's not the style of Melted Rubber to pass judgment prior to driving the car, I feel confident that the DBS Volante will perform well. But how well? The biggest complaint I've heard about the standard DBS is that it is not phenomenally better than its root DB9 (which I take more as a compliment for the DB9 than a complaint against the DBS). My other concern is that chopping the top off a current Aston Martin has made it less pretty in my eyes. By no means ugly, but less pretty. I fear the primary justifications for buying this are "I really want a DBS" and "I really want a convertible." But I don't expect to see either of those statements in the brochure. And I don't expect those statements to justify a potentially large price jump.

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