Would YOU buy a used car certified by Motor Trend?!?

For years I’ve been wondering what has caused the decline at Motor Trend. As I recall, many years ago, they actually put out a decent rag. However, ever since the current editor took over, I just don’t get their point anymore. They put out crappy reviews, they seem to refuse to state a concrete opinion, and they were one of the major players I alluded to in my introduction who just seem to print nonsense. Worse, they do it without a shred of conscience or apology.

For example, in the current issue they review the new Nissan 370Z. They start the article talking about the Aston Martin DBS. Please. I’m not 100% sure what they’re going for because NO ONE cross-shops a 370Z and a DBS. If you’ve ever had the privilege of examining an Aston Martin (review here) up close, then you see why it’s ludicrous to even bring the two cars up in the same article.

Well folks, I think I’ve solved the mystery. They’ve been working on a new program. They’re lending – I mean SELLING – their name to be attached to a used car buying and certification process (being administered by EasyCare).

Now I don’t have time to name off all the reasons why this is such a dumb idea, but I won’t honestly say I’m not surprised either. Their writing and reviews are so horrid that they probably need to explore other revenue streams in light of diminishing readership and advertising rates. The thing is, if I was a car dealer, I would be embarrassed to have their name stamped anywhere near my place of business. Maybe that's why there are only 3 signed up to date.

Hey Motor Trend, I’ll do you one solid. If you still wrote interesting, informative articles, your readership and following would be so strong that you wouldn’t need to whore your name out. Rule #1 in business – figure out who you are and stay true to that. Failing that, fade into history. We just don’t need you anymore.


Higher Ground said...

Actually, did you take a look at the package and research Easycare? This certified vehicle is inspected, has a guarantee that is more than a "powertrain" and comes with some great benefits. Lost key protection and roadside lockout service, free dent repair for a year and a personal concierge. I visited the dealership... you should take a look before you trash it. Seems like your upset over the content of the magazine... got that. Check out the program though... you might be surprised.

Chris said...

No, I didn't research Easycare because they weren't the focus of this article. Motor Trend was. I never said anything about the Easycare program itself and whether or not it was good. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

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