Power Enterprise Quad-charged GT-R

For the crowd that believes anything stock, including a GT-R, is nothing more than a good beginning, Power Enterprise will release a kit that makes the GT-R QUAD charged. How is that possible you ask? Easy. 2 superchargers and 2 turbos boost the 6 cylinder motor in the tame, stock GT-R and can push the power peak as high as 700hp. According to a company spokesman, this was to give the engine an ideal powerband. And oh boy does it. Peak power arrives at just 4000RPM compared to 6000RPM in stock trim. Of course there are other technical goodies to (hopefully) keep the GT-R powerplant from imploding, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the final product as it’s still in development.

I'm kind of surprised, however, that the power numbers aren't higher with all of that F/I in play, given that the stock motor is rated at 485hp and widely thought to be rated too low. Perhaps Power has some more tricks up their sleeve, but we'll have to wait a bit and see.

Think the Nissan dealer will notice anything out of place and void your warranty with this setup?

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