Nissan reveals the GT-R Spec V

Standard Skyline GT-R not rare enough or perform good enough for you? Need something a little more hardcore? Then feast your eyes on this. Nissan has issued a press release touting their GTR Spec V. It features a host of upgrades covering both appearance and performance. But, if you’re looking for massive amounts of added power over the tame stock version, keep looking. There are carbon fiber bits to cover weight reduction, and a revamped suspension, but no stated increase in HP. An overboost function is available to temporarily increase the power though.

Those aren’t the only issues. If your driving keeps you confined to the continental US, you’ll have a hard time scoring one since they’re only being made for Japan. Worse, once you do the current currency exchange calculation, you’ll find that this machine will run you about $160,000 before the costs of smuggling it in.

My advice? Buy something more interesting for $160k.

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