Hennessy announces 700HPE Camaro

John Hennessy is ready to release his version of the ultimate 2010 Camaro by injecting it with the soul of the current ZR1 Corvette. The result is a fire breathing monster that spits out over 700HP and 700lb/ft of torque with a twitch of your right foot. Of course the other performance systems of the car are upgraded to help harness this newfound power, and to help justify its almost $110,000 price tag (!) some carbon fiber body pieces are included as well. In his press release, he says “the HPE700 Camaro allows our customers to combine supercar power and performance with classic American muscle car looks in a modern, daily-drive usable sportscar with a backseat and a trunk!”

John, there are a lot of other sports cars that already offer a backseat, a trunk, and daily driver usability that cost FAR less than $110k. Some of them even come as sedans for the ultimate in usability. To be fair, I can’t think of any though that offer over 700HP, so perhaps he is marketing to the “mine’s bigger” crowd.

Can’t say I blame him though for trying to make a buck. Even in this economy, I’m sure more than a few people will lineup to shell out for a Camaro that is marked up 400% just to say they did.


Boz said...

I'll take you through my reactions to this blurb: "cool pic," "700bhp cool," "ZR1 Vette cool," "$110,000"... WT@$%#$%??!! 'Car with American muscle, back seat, trunk, and exotic car / daily driver.' Take out "American muscle" and you get every European tourer for less. Much less in cases. Maybe even 2 European tourers. So much for buying local when they make it this hard for me.

Anonymous said...

I think I vomited in my mouth a little when I saw the price tag.

Marc said...

Yeah, besides, 420bhp is enough for that car.

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