2010 Ford Shelby GT500 press release

Ford released the following press release regarding the updated GT500

Purchasers of the Shelby KR will be
disappointed to learn that many of the upgraded pieces for that model have now trickled down to the standard GT500. What I’m gathering is that the Shelby retains the current iron block motor, and that’s not good news for handling. If it was my coin being dropped, I would get a standard GT, and throw the Roush S/C in there and suspension upgrades and be ahead of the game by thousands.

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Boz said...

I think Robb Report put it best: "Pros: A 600bhp Mustang for $80,000. Cons: Paying $80,000 for a 600bhp Mustang."

A Ford with a 911 Assist option is poetic.

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